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Our story

Tuart Hill Baby & Childcare Centre is a unique family owned and operated business that has been providing high quality childcare since 1996.

Joy has a Bachelor of Social Work together with a Diploma in Children’s Services and Anthony comes from a business background, together the brother and sister team have been an integral part of the Tuart Hill Community.

“We have created a home away from home environment where everyone is respected, and diversity is not only valued but embedded into the program”

“We have come from a family where respect is a priority not only towards individuals but the beautiful environment that surrounds us.

We have accumulated knowledge and experience that only years of dedicated operation in a small business can bring which is extremely rare in the childcare industry.

Tuart Hill Baby & Childcare Centre is proud of its achievement it has provided 25 years of Early Years Education and Care to hundreds of children and endless lasting relationships with families and the community

Our Philosophy

At Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare Centre, we believe in providing quality care and early years education in a supportive and friendly homely environment. We believe children learn through play.

We aim to create a safe, secure, and understanding environment where families and children feel; comfortable, accepted and valued as individuals. Our belief is that children are unique, capable, competent, and active learners who play a significant role in their community.

We believe that families play a critical role in achieving and maintaining quality care. We value family input in the development and review of our philosophy, programs, and policies. In our service, we believe it is important to support parents in their parenting role within their own family.

Our service seeks to create an environment of trust and respect where children value cultural diversity and individuality.

We believe children should have the opportunity to make choices in relation to learning and play. Children are given the opportunity through a stimulating and challenging curriculum to develop socially and emotionally, cognitively, and physically through a variety of experiences, creative exploration, and investigations.

Our strong belief in equity and social justice is reflected in our work with all children.

Overall, our service incorporates the principles, practices and outcomes outlined in both the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards in all areas.

Our Educators




Manager Assistant


Early Childhood Teacher


Educator & Room Leader


Educator & Room Leader


Assistant Educator


Assistant Educator


Assistant Educator


Assistant Educator


Food Co-ordinator


Food Co-ordinator

Our Beliefs

We Believe…

Every child is unique.

Every child has a natural desire to learn.

Parents/guardians are the most important caregivers for their children.

Early learning and care programs should provide positive and healthy environments for all children, including children who have special needs.

Children learn best when they are actively involved with people, materials, ideas and events.

All families should have equal access to our programs and services.


Joy is the Director and owner of the Tuart Hill Baby & Childcare Centre and has worked in the Service for the past 25 years.

Joy was born and raised in Perth by Italian born parents who always worked very hard and ensured they grew up to be caring, kind, honest and respectful and for that Joy is forever grateful. They often travelled to the outback as a family, Anthony and Joy loved to spend hours bushwalking and admiring the sheer beauty of nature. Joy and Anthony’s parents always told them, the best things in life are free just look around and you will see, always appreciate what you have that’s extremely important in life to find happiness.

When Joy was a small child, she believed that ginger cats would grow up to be as big as tigers and you could ride on their backs, she was very disappointed when this did not happen. Joy always loved animals all creatures great and small she would read for hours carefully absorbing all the fascinating and interesting facts. Joy was well known for homing all species of stray animals and in fact everyone that knows her can tell you that that hasn’t changed over the years.

Growing up Joy wished to work with animals and children so one wish came true, she did have the opportunity to work in a number of areas with her social work degree before commencing her role in childcare but ultimately her passion has always been to work with children. Joy believes Early Years Education is vitally important and children should have an environment where they feel happy, safe, loved, and supported to reach their full potential. Joy believes children learn through play and the first years of their lives are so critical in paving their future.

Joy’s role has enabled her to gain extensive experience working with children and families from a vast array of backgrounds and she has a genuine commitment to their wellbeing as well as a passion for the industry. Joy loves working with children and watching them grow into unique individual little people in an environment where we are supported by a wonderful team.


Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. When Ale was a child, she used to believe that cotton candy was made from actual cotton, and it was such a big disappointment when she tried to eat a normal bag of cotton at her doctor’s appointment!

Alejandra did a bachelor’s degree in Management, holds a master’s in Law & technologies, a Diploma in Marketing and a cert IV and Diploma in Children Services.

Ale is now a Manager Assistant at Tuart Hill Baby Care and Child Care centre and Manager at Tuart Hill Out of School Care. Currently Ale is dedicated to service development, working between both centres to provide the best care to families and children. Working for 5 years in this family-owned company, Ale cannot feel happier with her role.

Ale’s favourite thing about Tuart Hill Baby Care and Child Care centre is “With such friendly and knowledgeable bosses, it is easy to find the inspiration to push yourself to the limit and that’s why I love to be here”

When not at work, Alejandra likes to go on trips, and just general outings with her family, friends and partner. Other times — settling-in in front of a Rom – Com TV show is just what’s needed to relax after a long day! Ale is also a great dancer and cook, she loves to interact with people and lift the mood of close friends and family, she loves to offer a supportive shoulder, or an appetizing meal!!


Michelle LIU Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. When Michelle was a child, she used to believe she could turn into a butterfly and be free to fly to different places all around the world. Michelle did a bachelor’s degree in Education and holds a certificate III in early Childhood. She speaks English and Cantonese.

Michelle has been working for Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare centre for 3 years now and the thing she loves the most bout the centre is the multicultural staff, children, and families.

Michelle enjoys learning about each child’s background and their languages. She has built strong relationships with the children and their families.

Out of work Michelle is a big fan of movies!


Namgay is from the beautiful Gross National Happiness country called Bhutan. A small, landlocked country nestled deep in the Himalaya between India and China. Born and raised in a family of six brothers and 1 only girl … her! Being the only daughter allowed her to have a very fun childhood full of adventures and games, she didn’t get bothered about pretty dresses or any fancy make up! Until she reached high school. When she was little, she used to believe that a dragon lived in the sky and the thunders mean that the dragon was very angry!

Namgay studied in Bhutan, she completed a degree in BA in Economics from India, holds certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care from Skills Australia Institute, Perth.

Namgay is currently working as a Toddler Room Leader at Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare centre. She started her journey here as a student to complete her vocational work placement and later when she finished, she knew her heart belonged to this place as it feels like home when she is at work, and she loves the supportive and encouraging work environment. All her colleagues are friendly despite coming from different backgrounds, at the end of the day she thinks they make a perfect team!

Namgay works Monday to Friday and over the weekends when she is not working, she finds happiness visiting the temple to catch up with her spiritual friends, and if she is not busy, Namgay engages herself in valuable voluntary work. Namgay, enjoys going shopping and having dinner in different restaurants with her two beautiful children and her husband.


Alessandra comes from a Cuban dad and German mom, making her the perfect hardworking and lively mix.

As a child she had a blooming imagination and would believe that her teddy bears could talk to each other when nobody was watching them. She would try to trick her teddys in believing that she was leaving the room when she was hiding in the corner of the door, listening to what they were saying. Alessandra has over 5 years of experience of working with children and is currently studying and finishing her diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Alessandra is very passionate about her work and contribution in the Early Childhood centres, she previously worked at another childcare in the kindy room managing a class of 40 and enjoyed focusing on broadening the children’s interest of mindfulness and culture.

Alessa’s favourite aspect of Tuart-Hill Baby Care and Childcare Centre is “the focus on having good relationships with the families and children is a priority for Tuart Hill, especially when making sure to provide best possible care for the children.”
In her free time Alessandra enjoys cooking and baking for her loved ones “I will never not make a dessert when I’m invited for dinner”.
She has always expressed a great interest in travelling around the world, it only made sense that she would decide to live abroad, “I couldn’t be happier where I am in my live right now.”


Amanda was born and raised in Mauritius – Africa, she is a very clever girl! Amanda speaks English, French and Creole. Amanda grew up with her mom, dad, and a little sister. When Amanda was a child, she used to believe that Sharks are lurking in the deep end of every swimming pool! Lucky she is a grown up now, otherwise living in Australia will be very scary for her.

Amanda did a paramedical health care course in nursing studies and worked as an assistant health care worker for almost 2 yrs. Now Amanda holds a Certificate 3 Childcare.

Amanda started her career in early childhood a few years ago and at Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare Centre 9 months ago, “It easy for me to find the enjoyment, motivation and encouragement here in Tuart Hill Baby care and Childcare Centre “.

When she’s not at work she likes to go out with her partner and enjoy their time together, she enjoys watching tv shows, movies and relax on the sofa after a long day at work. Meeting up with her friends for coffee and dinner is also on the to do list on the weekends.


Tenzin was born and raised in Thimphu the picturesque Bhutan. Tenzin came to Australia after completing Year 12 and has been in Australia for 5 years. When Tenzin was a child, she sincerely thought that any time you left the house, there was a 99 percent chance you’d encounter at least a little quicksand and so you have to be constantly vigilant when going out!

Tenzin is an Assistant Educator at Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare Centre and has completed her Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work.

When having a discussion with Tenzin she will inform you that her favourite thing about working at Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare Centre besides caring for the children and watching them grow, is her fun, loving and motivated workmates who are truly like family and this means the world to her.

When Tenzin has time off she loves to explore new places and restaurants with her friends and above all watching a new movie which she says is just so “revitalising”.


Kesang comes from Bhutan. When she was little, she used to believe that if someone ate watermelon seeds then the entire watermelon would grow inside, and you would become a giant watermelon!

Kesang did her Bachelor’s in Business (Major in Accounting), she did her Diploma in Business Management, Certificate 3 in Early Childhood and is currently studying a Diploma in Early Childhood and she has now discovered that she really has a passion for children, their needs and education.

Currently, Kesang is working as an Assistant Educator at Tuart Hill Baby and Child Care, she has been working almost five months now with utmost dedication and interest in the centre. Kesang works towards providing consistency of care and best practices for the children, parents, and peers.

Kesang loves to work at the centre as all the staff, including the bosses, are kind, friendly and joyful. The director is an inspirational leader and thanks to her everyone feels inspired & learns so much. In her free time Kesang loves to take pictures and do some very yummy cooking, dumplings, and traditional dishes from Bhutan are her master dishes.


Iris is from China, she was raised by her grandparents since birth, at the age of 17 she took the big decision to spread her wings and decided to come to Australia to start a completely new life. Her biggest dream was to have a family, a real one, like the ones that love and truly care for each other.

After a few years of hard work, compromising and finding the right one, Iris is now happily married and has a beautiful daughter. When her little one was born, she knew instantly that children were her passion and, in a flash, she knew she wanted to study childcare.

Iris is now an Assistant Educator in Tuart Hill Baby and Child Care Centre. She enjoys running around in each room looking after the children and she believes that children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are learning through an educational program.

When Iris is not working, she enjoys being with her little family, of course food is another passion for her, and she loves to enjoy a good meal when she feels tired! During the holidays Iris also loves to go on road trips! Lucky Iris Australia is definitely the best country for a road trip!!


Anna Maria was born and raised in Perth WA she is the second eldest of 8 siblings from an Italian family, both of her parents were born in Calabria.

When Anna was a child, she loved milk and milk arrowroot biscuits, she shared her room with two of her baby siblings and when they were sleeping, she took their bottles and drank them under her bed! … cheeky Anna … After a few days her mum discovered her devouring the whole packet of biscuits and milk under the bed, the rest is history!

Anna’s dream was to become a dressmaker – fashion designer as Anna loves her designer clothes … as all good Italians do! Anna didn’t get the opportunity to complete a dressmaking course but stayed in the fashion industry selling ladies clothes, accessories and dresses in a bridal shop.

Anna is a mother of two beautiful daughters and proud Nonna of five beautiful grandchildren. Her passion NOW is cooking & family. She believes that cooking is the recipe of life and her very special ingredient is LOVE. Anna is loved by all in the service young and old.

Anna has been working at Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare as a chef for 14 amazing & wonderful years, she believes this is her second family, for her Joy is an amazing, kind, caring, and supportive director and the staff really work well as a team.

Making the meals for the children brings so much happiness to Anna’s heart and being able to provide meals for a range of cultures and introduce new foods to the children feels like it enriches her soul. Anna’s passion for cooking started when she was growing up, watching and helping her mum cooking has now inspired Anna to be a master in the kitchen.

“It’s a pleasure to be in the service and hear the children say “more please” stated Anna with a smile “and especially when they call me “Nonna”, it makes me feel so special”

When not at work Anna loves to entertain, having family gatherings with family and friends…we know who is the master chef! Anna also likes to travel and enjoys going on road trips to the country she is a very devoted wife and has been happily married for 43 years. Anna believes helping, supporting and inspiring others are the key to a happy life!

-Lá vita e bella.


Cathy was born and raised in Australia. When Cathy was a child, she wanted to go to the Gold Coast and believed that she needed a passport to get there, until she realised it was in her own country.

She is a mother of 3 VERY grown up “children” and a loving grandmother of 2 beautiful girls. Cathy did her Certificates 2 and 3 in Cleaning and Management and she was a very strict supervisor at Bayswater Primary School, everything just sparkled all the time. Cathy’s dream was to work with young children as she believes this is a very important part of their lives.

Cathy, as a master in multitasking, has several roles at the Centre. Cooking delicious food as a Chef, Driving the bus to pick up the children from Tuart Hill Primary School and an Assistant Educator every afternoon at our out of school care facility.

Cathy’s loves to work at Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare Centre because she has a very supportive and compassionate team that inspired her to pursue and expand her love and passion of working with children by doing her Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education.

When not at work Cathy loves spending time with her family and friends, entertaining them with her amazing culinary skills. Cathy enjoys being in nature exploring outdoor activities, curling up on the couch with a good movie with her granddaughter.

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