Health & Safety

At Tuart Hill Baby and Child Care, we take your child’s health and safety very seriously.

Scroll through our drop-down menu for our policies on a variety of important health and safety areas, including immunisation, illness and staying sun smart at all times.

Using the centre

Every child must be signed in and out of the centre on each day of attendance.

Written consent is required if a person not specified in your enrolment form will be collecting your child and staff will need to see identification before your child can be released to this person.

Sun smart

During the warmer months, all children are required to wear a hat and 50+ sunscreen, we are a SUNSMART CENTRE.

A no hat, no play policy is active for the protection of your children. However, we do have spare hats should you forget your child’s on a particular day.

There will be no outside play between 10am and 3pm when temperatures exceed 32C.


The centre encourages all parents to immunise their children and ensure immunisations are up-to-date. Information about immunisation is available at the centre, and from your GP.

In order for you to receive childcare subsidy,  your child needs to be immunised or, in exceptional circumstances, a medical practitioner can grant an exemption.

For more information on immunisation, see the government’s Immunise Australia Program


For the protection of all children and staff, please do not bring your child to the centre on days he or she is unwell.

This includes all infectious conditions, such as gastroenteritis,  conjunctivitis, measles, chicken pox, impetigo, ringworm, etc.

Children should be excluded from care until the infectious period is over and a doctor’s certificate is provided.


Written consent is required prior to any medication being administered. Forms can be obtained from you child’s educator.

All medication must be stored out of reach of children, so please hand it to a staff member on arrival so it can be stored appropriately.

All medication must be labelled clearly. Medication which is not labelled or has expired will not be administered.

All medical emergencies will be taken to Perth’s Children’s Hospital 


A nutritionally balanced menu is provided on a weekly basis and is displayed on the parent notice board.

Any special dietary requirements or food preferences should be discussed prior to your child commencing care, and also be outlined clearly in the enrolment form, so we can best provide for your child’s needs.

Feel free to discuss any recipes with the cook at any time.

Meals are provided at the following times:

9.30am Morning tea

11am Lunch

3pm Afternoon tea

5pm Late snacks

Special occasions

If your child is celebrating a special occasion such as a Birthday or a cultural day, please inform the educator in your child’s room.
We celebrate special occasions in several ways, so feel free to ask us for more information.

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