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Our story

The same great team behind Tuart Hill Baby and Child Care operate our wonderful after school care, before school care and vacation care programs at Tuart Hill Out of School Care, affectionately known as THOSC.

Tuart Hill Out of School Care is a unique family owned and operated business that has been providing high quality childcare since 2000. Joy has a Bachelor of Social Work together with a Diploma in Children’s Services and Anthony comes from a business background, together the brother and sister team have been an integral part of the Tuart Hill Community.

“We have created a home away from home environment where everyone is respected, and diversity is not only valued but embedded into the program. 

“We have come from a family where respect is a priority not only towards individuals but the beautiful environment that surrounds us. We have accumulated knowledge and experience that only years of dedicated operation in a small business can bring which is extremely rare in the childcare industry. Tuart Hill Out of School Care is proud of its achievement it has Early Years Education and Care to hundreds of children and endless lasting relationships with families and the community since 2000.

Tuart Hill Out of School Care is now operating from a new location, this iconic building was built in 1914 and was an important meeting point for the community, it was the original St Kierans Church and School. Tuart Hill Out of School care has revived history after 100 years the premises has once again become alive with Early Years Education.

Our Philosophy

At Tuart Hill Out of School Care we provide children with quality care in a supportive, respectful, and friendly homely environment.

We strive to create a safe, healthy, happy, and accepting environment where children and families feel comfortable, valued, and respected as individuals. We believe every child should be given the opportunity to feel a strong sense of wellbeing and belonging in our service. We view cultural diversity and individuality as a privilege giving children the opportunity to learn and understand different cultures in our community.

We believe it is important to provide a stimulating, fun, and engaging educational program that encourages the development of life skills and gives children the opportunity to further develop and extend interests through play and leisure. We ensure that indoor and outdoor environments promote creativity, learning and development through a range of activities and experiences. We believe children should have respect for the environment and an understanding of sustainability.

We focus on positive relationships and work collaboratively with children, families, and the community in order to achieve quality outcomes for all children. Our service promotes positive leadership and management, continuity of Educators and Co-ordinators and has a commitment to continuous improvement.

Overall, our program incorporates the principles, practice and outcomes outlined in both My Time Our Place Framework for School Age Care in Australia and the National Quality Standards.

Our Educators




Manager Assistant


Assistant Educator


Assistant Educator


Assistant Educator

Our Beliefs

We Believe…

Every child is unique.

Every child has a natural desire to learn.

Parents/guardians are the most important caregivers for their children.

Early learning and care programs should provide positive and healthy environments for all children, including children who have special needs.

Children learn best when they are actively involved with people, materials, ideas and events.

All families should have equal access to our programs and services.


Joy is the Director and owner of the Tuart Hill Baby & Childcare Centre and has worked in the Service for the past 25 years.

Joy was born and raised in Perth by Italian born parents who always worked very hard and ensured they grew up to be caring, kind, honest and respectful and for that Joy is forever grateful. They often travelled to the outback as a family, Anthony and Joy loved to spend hours bushwalking and admiring the sheer beauty of nature. Joy and Anthony’s parents always told them, the best things in life are free just look around and you will see, always appreciate what you have that’s extremely important in life to find happiness.

When Joy was a small child, she believed that ginger cats would grow up to be as big as tigers and you could ride on their backs, she was very disappointed when this did not happen. Joy always loved animals all creatures great and small she would read for hours carefully absorbing all the fascinating and interesting facts. Joy was well known for homing all species of stray animals and in fact everyone that knows her can tell you that that hasn’t changed over the years.

Growing up Joy wished to work with animals and children so one wish came true, she did have the opportunity to work in a number of areas with her social work degree before commencing her role in childcare but ultimately her passion has always been to work with children. Joy believes Early Years Education is vitally important and children should have an environment where they feel happy, safe, loved, and supported to reach their full potential. Joy believes children learn through play and the first years of their lives are so critical in paving their future.

Joy’s role has enabled her to gain extensive experience working with children and families from a vast array of backgrounds and she has a genuine commitment to their wellbeing as well as a passion for the industry. Joy loves working with children and watching them grow into unique individual little people in an environment where we are supported by a wonderful team.


Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. When Ale was a child, she used to believe that cotton candy was made from actual cotton, and it was such a big disappointment when she tried to eat a normal bag of cotton at her doctor’s appointment!

Alejandra did a bachelor’s degree in Management, holds a master’s in Law & technologies, a Diploma in Marketing and a cert IV and Diploma in Children Services.

Ale is now a Manager Assistant at Tuart Hill Baby Care and Child Care centre and Manager at Tuart Hill Out of School Care. Currently Ale is dedicated to service development, working between both centres to provide the best care to families and children. Working for 5 years in this family-owned company, Ale cannot feel happier with her role.

Ale’s favourite thing about Tuart Hill Baby Care and Child Care centre is “With such friendly and knowledgeable bosses, it is easy to find the inspiration to push yourself to the limit and that’s why I love to be here”

When not at work, Alejandra likes to go on trips, and just general outings with her family, friends and partner. Other times — settling-in in front of a Rom – Com TV show is just what’s needed to relax after a long day! Ale is also a great dancer and cook, she loves to interact with people and lift the mood of close friends and family, she loves to offer a supportive shoulder, or an appetizing meal!!


When Sara was younger, her mother convinced her that a charming prince would knock at the door, give her a crystal shoe, and take her to a beautiful Palace, and for the all of you interested in the fairytale ending she has found her prince charming and is living with him in a beautiful castle very close to the city!

Sara is from Colombia, where she was raised in a very traditional family of 7 children! 2 boys and 4 girls! Now she is a mother of 2 beautiful “girls” (they are in their twenties). Sara is an optometrist, she has assisted so many people over the years to feel happy and confident and “to see crystal clear” again. Sara has a passion for optometry, glasses, and fashion.

When it comes to Tuart Hill Out of School Care Centre, Sara’s favourite aspect of working with children is sharing the drive to constantly strive for a better world. Sara’s free time is taken up by books — classic & modern novels, traveling with her family & walking long distances as she loves to explore. Sara takes pride in having overcome her fear of swimming in the ocean (we guess she had it to do it here in Australia) and of course in being an AMAZING mom!


Cathy was born and raised in Australia. When Cathy was a child, she wanted to go to the Gold Coast and believed that she needed a passport to get there, until she realised it was in her own country.

She is a mother of 3 VERY grown up “children” and a loving grandmother of 2 beautiful girls. Cathy did her Certificates 2 and 3 in Cleaning and Management and she was a very strict supervisor at Bayswater Primary School, everything just sparkled all the time. Cathy’s dream was to work with young children as she believes this is a very important part of their lives.

Cathy, as a master in multitasking, has several roles at the Centre. Cooking delicious food as a Chef, Driving the bus to pick up the children from Tuart Hill Primary School and an Assistant Educator every afternoon at our out of school care facility.

Cathy’s loves to work at Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare Centre because she has a very supportive and compassionate team that inspired her to pursue and expand her love and passion of working with children by doing her Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education.

When not at work Cathy loves spending time with her family and friends, entertaining them with her amazing culinary skills. Cathy enjoys being in nature exploring outdoor activities, curling up on the couch with a good movie with her granddaughter.


Vivienne was born in Perth and raised in Canberra until she was 12 years old. When she was a child, Vivienne used to believe you could get sucked down the drain when you unplugged the bath!

Vivienne is currently completing her Bachelor degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education, and is very excited to be joining the Tuart Hill Baby Care and Child Care centre.

In her spare time, Vivienne loves taking photos, going to the cinemas, and trying new places to eat with her loved ones. She also enjoys being creative and spending time with her two cats.

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