Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing quality care and early year education in a supportive and friendly environment.

We believe children learn through play.

We aim to create a safe, secure and understanding environment where families and children feel comfortable, accepted and valued as individuals.

Our belief is that all children are unique, capable, competent and active learners who play a significant role in their community.

We believe that families play a critical role in achieving and maintaining quality care. We value family input in the development and review of our philosophy, programs and policies. In our work, we endeavour to support parents in their parenting role within their family.

Our centre seeks to create an environment of trust and respect where children value cultural diversity and individuality.

Children are given the opportunity through a stimulating and challenging program to develop socially and emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Our strong belief in equity and social justice is reflected in our work with all children.