Our Staff

Our staff

In accordance with licensing, the centre is required to have three staff working with the children at all times. The Tuart Hill Out of School Care supervisor holds a qualification in Out of School Hours (Certificate IV) and the centre’s manager has a Diploma in Children’s Services 0-12 years and a Bachelor of Social Work. The centre’s assistant play leader is currently studying towards a teacher’s qualification. In the event that a staff member is absent, an appropriate replacement relief staff member will be contacted.

“I am married, a mother and grandmother. I’ve worked at Tuart Hill Out of School Care for seven years and have been the supervisor for three years. I have had previous experience working with children volunteering in the cancer ward at Princess Margarent Hospital and running a playgroup. I enjoy working with children, as I find it rewarding to make a difference in their lives!”

“I am currently in my 3rd year at Uni studying Exercise, Sport and Rehabilitation Science . I have worked at the centre for three days a week since September 2011. I love working with children and seeing them learn new things, being creative and having fun doing so!”

“I’m working as an assistant educator at Tuart Hill Out of School Care. I’m at Uni studying Pharmacy and my hobbies include dancing, as well as teaching little kids to dance. I enjoy looking after children as I find it a very rewarding experience.”