Our program

Our Program

The learning program reflects the view that all children should be given the opportunity to learn through play as outlined by the Early Years Learning Framework (Belonging, Being and Becoming). The progam is based on children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities. The Early Years Learning Framework outlines five learning goals, Caregivers assist children to develop;

1. A strong sense of their identity;

2. Connections with their world;

3. A strong sense of wellbeing;

4. Confidence and involvement in their learning; and

5. Effective communication skills.

The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia Belonging Being & Becoming (2009).

The program provides a balance of activities including indoor and outdoor play, active/quiet activities, group and individual projects.

At Tuart Hill Baby & Child Care Centre each child is given the opportunity to develop to their full potential regardless of ability, cultural and linguistic diversity and gender. The children develop valuable lifelong skills through the program which are a good foundation for future learning.

For more about the Early Years Learning Framework, see the Federal Government’s website.