A nutritionally balanced menu is provided on a weekly basis and is displayed on the parent notice board.

Any special dietary requirements or food preferences should be discussed prior to your child commencing care, and also be outlined clearly in the enrolment form, so we can best provide for your child’s needs.

The centre’s coordinator and cook have completed the Start Right-Eat Right course, which is a Health Department nutrition and menu planning course.¬†Feel free to discuss any recipes with the cook at any time.

Meals are provided at the following times:

  • 9.30am Morning tea
  • 11am Lunch
  • 3pm Afternoon tea
  • 5pm Late snacks

Special occasions

If you wish to bring in a cake for your child’s birthday or another special occasion, please inform the staff in your child’s room. Birthdays will be celebrated at afternoon tea time. If your child only attends mornings, the cake will be provided for morning tea. As the centre promotes healthy eating, we have guidelines relating to cakes in the centre. Please discuss this with staff.